Furthermore, a number of legends have evolved around the incident, which form the basis of some of the Chapter's most cherished rituals. Some of the more minor battles by the Storm Wardens include: As far as anyone in-universe is concerned, something called the Nemesis Incident happened some time during the end of the Age of Apostasy. The biggest leap in this theory is, of course, how the bloody hell a bunch of World Eaters ended up becoming the remarkably calm and honorable Storm Wardens we know today. The roots of the incident are to be found in the general increase in Warp Storm activity that afflicted the Imperium in the run up to and during the Age of Apostasy. Storm Wardens Chapter Colour Scheme as displayed by a Firstborn Space Marine. Ward-Master Lorgath Maclir Preferably somewhere far, FAR away from Ultramar. [20] Champions are warriors who dedicate their lives to martial combat, excelling as no others on the field of battle. and citizens of the planets wouldn't be sacrificed. This curiosity has led more than a few Battle-Brothers to volunteer for service to the Deathwatch as well. Jul 17, 2019 - Explore Robert Shea's board "50K: Storm Warden", followed by 896 people on Pinterest. A Storm Wardens warrior in the heat of battle. After the Nemesis Incident, the Chapter re-built its 1st Company. most likely Carachadons, Minotaurs or Storm Wardens or Excorcists (going to do a test model of each to see what colours i like painting). Like a lot of things in the 40k-verse we actually know a lot more than the characters; and thus, what really happened. Each Tempest Blade is the inheritor of the teachings, honour, and often the wargear, of a named predecessor, following his example and passing it on by his own deeds. It is known that Ward-Master Lorgath Maclir has met with Lord Sector Marius Hax, the most senior representative of the Administratum in the Calixis Sector, but has had comparatively few dealings with the Inquisition's Ordos Calixis. Many carry the huge claymore Power Swords symbolic of the warrior clans of Sacris. They are often unknown and unsung heroes to the worlds that they defend, as the Storm Wardens are a highly insular Chapter and there are only a small handful of monuments and Imperial records outside of their fortress-monastery on their homeworld of Sacris' moon of Highcastle that celebrate their long list of battle honours. Probably saying something about rolling out. YOU INSPIRE YOUR MEN TO STUDY SUCH FOUL SMUT, COMMISSAR?! Currently, the Chapter is led by Lorgath Maclir, a cunning strategist who constantly challenges his captains with tactical exercises and obsessively studies the Tactica Imperialis. As Second Founding successors of the White Scars Chapter, the Storm Lords can trace their history back to a time when Jaghatai Khan hunted across the stars. There were a number of side effects to the sealing of the stasis vaults and the isolation of Sacris. Warden []. Highcastle (on moon of Sacris of the same name) The answer, as it always seems to be with Games Workshop, may in fact be Roboute Guilliman and the Ultramarines. Sample Storm Warden Sternguard; Scout Sergeant Mkoll (and a Storm Wardens update) The Great Storm Warden Project: Sternguard Veterans; The Great Storm Wardens Project Kick-off Post May (3) April (6) March (5) This came at a great cost though, as many Storm Wardens died, and the Inquisitor ended up Exterminatusing seven planets in the area anyways. Anonymous Champion. Only the Wardens stand between the wrath of Mother Earth and the clueless masses of humanity around the world ... and Joanne Baldwin is one of the best. The intention of such a doctrine is not to gun the enemy down with the formidable firepower mounted on each vehicle, for these weapons are used to support the warriors once they have dismounted. Their gene-seed was derived from the gene-stocks of the White Scars, who famously defended the Imperial Palace during the Battle of Terrain the closing days of the Horus Heresy. to the Storm Warden's neighboring sector, hoping to take advantage of the chaos everyone focusing their attention elsewhere. Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition (also known as Warhammer 41,000: Age of the Emperor to the rumourmongers) is the newest edition of everybody's favorite wargame, which picks things up where the Gathering Storm campaigns (AKA 40k End Times, meaning we're living literally after year 40,999 now) left off, and was released June 17th, 2017. The Chapter's Chaplains are ever watchful for such afflicted brethren, and when they are identified they are counselled to renew their quest for excellence, challenging themselves against ever greater foes. The age of Highcastle is difficult to determine accurately, but the fragmentary records remaining to the Chapter from before the Nemesis Incident reveal that Highcastle was present in this part of the galaxy even before the Angevin Crusade and the resulting formal incorporation of the Calixis Sector into the Imperium of Man. Many Storm Wardens use their armoured vehicles as steeds to carry them into combat, where they launch assaults against the enemy and fight according to the tenets of the Way of Honour. end up getting launched through time and space. The Liber Tempest details the calamitous events of the Age of Apostasy, as experienced by the Storm Wardens Chapter. The tribes of Sacris have a fierce code of honour and deeply believe that a man's word is his bond. Followed by the Outcast Season series. And since at least one company of War Hounds was operating in that corner of Segmentum Obscurus (specifically the 88th Company deployed to the nearby Halo Stars), the chances of a passing XIIth Legion fleet taking one look at Sacris' human population and NOT calling dibs on the entire planet would be fairly low. Many Storm Warden Astartes prefer to challenge enemy commanders to single combat in order to test themselves against the mightiest of enemies. Yet, the Librarius of a Space Marine Chapter should be one of the most secure and sealed places in the entire galaxy and surely nothing short of the supernatural could have altered Maxen's words once they were committed to record. Sharing their forefather's battle lust and aggressive style of lightni… So deep is the Chapter's desire to remain isolated from the other worlds of the Calixis Sector that very few Calixian authorities or institutions are even aware that a Space Marine Chapter exists in their midst. The Storm Wardens maintain a high degree of isolation from many of the other institutions within the Imperium, and although their homeworld is located within the region of space once called the Calyx Expanse, very few amongst the ruling classes of the Calixis Sector or elsewhere are even aware of their existence. A clan of orcs charge up a set of stairs, planning to kill or enslave the women and children above, but stop when they have a sense of unnatural fear. Some Imperial analysts believe that these Space Marines prefer not to stain themselves through association with so many of the disreputable worlds of the sector that surrounds them. So they've been forgotten by most of the fandom, and now that Fantasy Flight Games' contract with Games Workshop has expired, they're probably just going to fade from GW's memory too. Sadly for the intruders, the Storm Wardens do not repeat the warnings transmitted by the automated monitors, opening fire immediately and with deadly effect. These Tactical Squads are flanked by Predators and supported by Vindicators and Whirlwinds. Such titles include the Scouring of Mo'Shan, the Second Magellanic Expedition and the War of the Pillars of Creation. Those recruits who survive that far then compete in the games that pit potential recruits against each other in contests of raw physical strength and skill at arms. Unknown Each mastery has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Storm Wardens carry out one of their Chapter rituals in their fortress-monastery on Highcastle, the moon of Sacris. Up until recently, these Space Marines focused their attention upon the great warp storms that trouble the Halo Stars region on the galaxy’s western edge. The annals of the Storm Wardens stretch no further back into history than 945.M36, the events surrounding the Nemesis Incident obscuring all that transpired before. A Storm Wardens Chapter officer during a war council on Watch Fortress Erioch. A Storm Wardens Librarian seconded to the Deathwatch fighting against a Chaos Space Marine of the Black Legion. Fortress-Monastery A master of the Sacris Claymore wielding his weapon against the foes of the Emperor is an awesome sight indeed, and one that fills the hearts of the faithful with as much pride as it inspires dread in the souls of Traitors. Beyond its name, most Navigators and Free Captains have no knowledge of the world, and no need to approach it. This clever Warboss (or cowardly by Ork standards) managed to flank the space marines. In the tunnels the Storm Wardens battled against the Slaugth and their warrior constructs. Like the feral tribesman they recruit from, the Storm Wardens value personal honour and strength at arms. A lot of their chapter history has been sealed away. Whatever the truth of their origins, the Storm Wardens do not show the usual Imperial distaste for Abhumans and have fought beside many Astra Militarum regiments in the past that included units of Ogryns and Ratlings. Waiting for some love themselves is another Tactical Squad, an Assault Squad, 2 units of Devastators along with a Captain, a Librarian and Venerable Dreadnought. The Chapter's Venerable Dreadnoughts have taken vows of silence and stand guard over these hidden chambers. 15 Kades: Scythes of the Emperor: Sergeant stationed at Watch Fortress Talasa Prime. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Storm_Wardens?oldid=365908. Finally, he channels his power into a massive burst of flame and burns the remaining orcs to a crisp. However, just like British royal guards, they just stand around silently. Inhabited by all the Storm Wardens, it holds massive chambers where the Chapter's many vehicles and wargear are maintained. Following this, according to the only record of this time that still exists, the sacred history of the Chapter called the Liber Tempest, many Storm Wardens, including the entire Veteran 1st Company and Chapter Master Owin Glendwyr himself, were placed in hidden stasis vaults. Tempest Blades are masters of close combat and carry to battle the most sacred of relic weapons and Artificer Armour available to the Chapter. Few Battle-Brothers can imagine such an existence, the doctrine and dogma of the Chapter, including accounts of its founding and its earliest battle honours, locked deep within the stasis vaults in the deepest levels of the fortress-monastery. The Storm Wardens are similar to the Blood Ravens, in that they were made by a company (in this case, Fantasy Flight Games) to be their personal chapter to screw over however they see fit give lots of tough love to in their product (in this case, Deathwatch RPG). Aside from aetheric overbleed, genetic mutation and daemonic incursion, Warp Storms sometimes bring with them the risk of another, thankfully rare, but utterly devastating threat. They also help, and sometimes spearhead, crusades in the northern Halo Stars. You choose your first mastery at level 2, and when you reach level 8 the choice of choosing another is available as well. In the case of the Storm Wardens, there is an additional reason why their name is not well-kno… The Storm Lords were founded in the wake of the tragic events of the Horus Heresy in the early 31st Millennium. It is also common that when a Storm Warden dies, his claymore is ritually returned to his tribe on the homeworld. One such legend states that the long-lost Brethren of the 1st Company will some day return, when the very existence of the Chapter and indeed the Imperium is threatened. The Storm Wardens' homeworld of Sacris was forbidden to have greater contact with the Imperium at large. and the Inquisitor ended up Exterminatusing seven planets in the area anyways. The other involves an attack against the Slaugth, which scarred the Chapter (and got a lot of its veterans promoted to the honour guard). The Storm Wardens then assembled an armoured spearhead to assault the Orks, and headed out, with Lorgath Maclir, who was only a captain at the time, leading the way. The Storm Wardens are stoic defenders often found upon the very borders of the Imperium. There is also that passage in the Deathwatch books where the Storm Wardens have had visions of a traitor Primarch who questioned them on their lineage. Chapter Master For this reason, the Tempest Blades hold those interred within the sarcophagus of a Dreadnought as especially holy, for these Astartes have experienced the point of death, gained the ultimate insight, and returned to fight on. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Then launching him into space when they were finished. Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden. For many Tempest Blades, such a fate is the ultimate revelation, and one they yearn to attain as the culmination of their own service. So, she’s resorting to the very human tactic of running for her life… Her only hope is Lewis, the most powerful warden known. So only the lucky winner will have them. Each studies the deeds of a particular figure of legend and seeks above all else to live up to the example set by his predecessor. Because they bear such oversized weapons, the Tempest Blades must rely on their own skill at parrying or avoiding enemy attacks, some becoming adept at utilising the hafts of certain weapons to turn an enemy's blow. Even though he could pull his Chapter out at any time. In 945.M36 the Storm Wardens aided the Inquisition in operations against an infestation of Enslavers, psychic entities from the Warp, in the Steropes Cluster. Perhaps this desire for secrecy is simply a holdover from the habits of the peoples of Sacris, but perhaps it indicates some deeper conspiracy at work, throughout the Calixis Sector and beyond. The Frontier Worlds that border them are protected by the Storm Wardens from xenos threats, Chaos renegades and heretical recidivists. Often, Aspirants must struggle against the fen-trolls and other dangerous native animal life of Sacris during these trials, facing combat in the mist-covered moors in what is actually a combination of a running skirmish with a marathon race. Tempest Blades have perfected the use of such weapons, wielding large, heavy implements of destruction deftly and gracefully. A blue High Gothic numeral stenciled in the centre of the squad specialty symbol indicates squad number. Because of the Storm Wardens' insular nature, only a very small number of monuments and documents celebrate their often heroic defence of these worlds.
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