The Courser requirements for each Tier are: The higher the Tier of horse, the more demanding the requirements are to make a Courser. If you don't get the skill you will receive +1 Skill Change Point. If you want to see the raw data, you can see my spreadsheet here. T9 Dream Horse only. This isn’t me trying to brag, and I’m sure there are actually better ways to make money overnight without high requirements (I just haven’t found any yet). I figured that every Life Skill should have some purpose, and that they could all be good if used correctly. level 1 From there you do the minigames and approach the horse, and the timer is ticking in the background the whole time. Cooldown: 3 minutes T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. I know I said that last video was the last thing I was going to talk about in this section, but I lied. However, I know that my audience is purely made of intelligent people capable of thinking for themselves. Just click the check box next to Horse/Elephant. This is applied to the 70 million for an increase of 14 million. Do the math yourself before trying. That said, it’s not a problem with a very difficult solution. This means that both horses are purebred. They can certainly be tricky to distinguish from one another, especially T1B and T3C. Just reading about it might make it seem sort-of complicated, but once you do it once or twice you’ll have it down. View Elynxi’s detailed forum post. For max Training Mastery: 40% Mount Exp Gain That’s fairly decent if I’m a newer player. Of course, that’s not 4 hours of active time (you don’t need to be standing at the horse market for 4 hours), but if you can only be at your computer for 30 minutes a day, you won’t be able to buy 4 horses. It also increases mount exp by a small amount. With that in mind, there will likely be points in this section that are either incomplete, or possibly just incorrect. You can focus on three areas of Courser Training (Skill, Elegance, and Strength) to increase the chance of obtaining a Dream Horse of your choice. At the end of it all, you’ll have a horse. This coupon does not guarantee you will get the desired skill. It is much more fulfilling to catch, level, breed, and race horses that you’ve “made” from scratch. This is 1million/hour for AFK running horses. In the end, he ended up with 1,611,593 silver total from 1 hour of taming. If you’re someone who does taming for Training xp, this can make it a bit more of a worthwhile activity. The Training Skill Modifier is applied to the amount you originally got from the horse market before the patch. As soon as you throw the rope a timer starts. We’ll get more into that later. For some strange reason though, I took that as a challenge. (100% Chance to learn. The premium horse appearance change coupon has a chance to teach your horse a skill even at level 30, that's the only way it'll learn more. So, yesterday I noticed a bunch of wild horses and decided to go for it! To be safe, it’s best if your route is in a safe zone (although not totally necessary). There is so much depth to this game, and so much room for creativity, that it is impossible for people to have figured everything out. As I’ve mentioned before, I believe Training to be the most complex Life Skill in the game (or at least the skill with the most mechanics). So this one you would list on the horse market. A lot of people consider horse breeding to simply be a method of grinding out a Tier 8 horse. Try changing the Tier of both parents to 8, but leave the levels the same. Similarly, leveling horses is the best money you can make from training, but leveling horses isn’t necessarily a purely silver-driven activity. What if we bought t4 horses at level 12 or 13? At the same time, if you prefer a more active approach, you can tame horses or even race them against other players. Nope, it doesn't say so in the tooltip and from my personal experience it does not. So the next night we try the same thing, but we have 4 Tier 2 horses. This BDO guide explained the basics of capturing and taming your first horse, but there is still a lot more to discover about BDO horses such as horse items, horse gear, horse breeding, horse … Horse Market PricingBecause of the wonderful work of Elynixi, we can come close to figuring out what influences a horse’s value. The horse can learn any of the skills that a normal horse can learn (except Two Seater skill), as well as special dream horse skills. This means our horses aren’t level 15 by the time we wake up. If your horse meets the requirements and becomes a Courser, its silver horse icon (as shown to the left) will turn gold. All Stats are base Level 1 stats. You really have no control over how good your rng will be (besides your tithes to rngesus), but you do have control over your method. (This applies to cases where the Silver for selling a Horse in the Horse Market has not been claimed yet before this change is implemented.). In order to make up for the tax increase that appears big with the recent price soar of Courser and Dream Horse, a new system where the funds claimed will vary depending on Training level. You can only buy 1 horse per hour from the horse market. Now you have both the required materials as well as the location, so let’s move on to the actual process (finally). However, if all horses give them same Training xp, then it’s a waste of your time to travel at all, and it would be much better to try to minimize your travel time as much as possible. ), horse regenerates its HP and Stamina when it’s parked, T9 Dream Horse only. Let’s take it a bit further. ), AOE fire damage nearby enemies, T9 Doom Dream Horse skill only. Let’s talk about it. If you’re into breeding, people generally breed t7/8 horses, so just learning most of those should be enough to not need to look up a chart every time someone mentions a coat. For this one you just need to spam spacebar as fast as you can. In order to create a “suga lump” you’ll need 10 raw sugar and 1 mineral water. Over the course of a couple months of running horses overnight, logging hundreds of entries in a spreadsheet, and constant adjustment, I finally perfected my craft. Only small benefit it slightly higher horse exp when leveling them. The price of a horse (on the market) is determined by 6 horse stats: Elynxi’s Horse Market Price Formula:((((TierBaseValue + (TierLevelValue * Level)) * GenderMod * BreedMod * ResetMod) + (SkillValue * 0.3 * Tier)) * CourserMod) = TOTAL1, Training Skill Bonus: (TOTAL1 * TrainingSkillMod) + TOTAL1 = TOTAL2. Regardless, find what works for you, and find what is enjoyable for you. People that think feeding X amount of sugar lumps vastly increases the odds of catching the horse. Even if using sugar is technically less efficient, if it allows you to tame longer without getting burnt out, you’ll end up with a better end result. You have a chance to randomly obtain 1 horse skill each time it levels up. You have a chance to randomly obtain 1 horse skill each time it levels up. 21,375,000: Earth of Protection: Auto activates while using Earth of Life: All DP, Evasion, AP +10 for you and up to 10 party members for 30 seconds, T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. If you are going for a t8 horse then it’s an obvious choice to level them and breed. Of course, people who play for xp aren’t necessarily concerned with maximizing silver, it’s always a good feeling to have a pile of cash after a long grind. This means that there is no Tier 3 purebred horse. This is still 1million/hour, but the problem we run into is that we’re only sleeping for 9 hours. Good question but I have not seen any evidence. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. On the other hand, a merchant wagon will level your horses more slowly, but it will train 4 of them at a time. (RNG Chance to learn.) This basically just means they look different. Now that I’ve written this a bunch of people are gonna start doing it which means you’ll have a lot more competition when trying to buy suitable horses. The coupon applies to Horses, Dream Horses, Mini Elephants, and Camels only. Two Tier 1 horses (T1A, T1B). For Tier 4 horses, notice how 4B and 4I have two values of 0. That said, if you do chance upon a Tier 4 or 5 wild horse, it could be a good idea to save it for future breeding. What I have seen though is that bread horses seem to get more skills than exchanged ones. Let’s do an example to make that more clear. Cooldown: 3 minutes T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. Have any screenshots of this? So there was enough demand. Just talk to him/her and open up their shop. does life exp affect actual horse exp? After a few more unsuccesfull attempts I reigned in a horse and got to ride it (no sugar lumps… Read more ». Then within two days I tamed a horse with sprint, and another which I bought learned sprint soon after. When you say maid/butler costume, do you mean the Pearl Venecil Dress / Karki Suit (Processing) costume? This means that at each place you stop, you have several options for horses to catch. Training is a very time consuming skill to train, which makes it a fairly inefficient way to play. This way, the chance of obtaining a certain type of Dream horse can be raised up to 90%. There are many people that have done nothing but Training for over a year. I’ll break this section up into sub-sections (since there’s a lot of info here). The type of skills your horse learns (along with level, tier, and gender) effect the overall worth of your horse on the market. My rate of finding each Tier is in the table below: All of the numbers in the table are from my own catch data. You can train and Awaken your horse with Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch… The proper approach is to use the fact that the skill you are rerolling is not immediately … For example, a T1A doesn’t have the ability to learn sprint, drift, or instant accel, while a T1B can learn all of those things. A Courser is basically a horse with a semi-perfect skill set. This means, assuming we can snipe 4 t3’s at a reasonable price, we can make 12m per night instead of 8. Breesman isn’t at the stables (anymore?) If you don’t want to walk across the whole map on foot, you can ride a horse and save a lot of time with it. Given this hypothetical situation, these are your chances for various Tiers of horse if you decide to breed. However, if you are seriously into horses, you should be aware of the capabilities breeding has. Got myself 50 ropes and went back. or just the training mastery? Capturing rope you can buy from any Stable Keeper. He is catching horses in calpheon (which may or may not even be a good place to catch horses), he is manually running to the horse location (wasted travel time), and he is running the tamed horse back to the stable (wasted travel time). The address of each cell would look something like 3A, 3B, 3C, etc. While it’s good money for low level players, it doesn’t get better as you level up. How much money is it possible to earn by horse catching and selling? The most important horse skills for … Notice that the red box is in the highest possible Tier. The Caps are every 10 points: Ex. Leveling up your horses is one of the most fundamental aspects of the Training Life Skill. If you’re taming simply for high(ish) Tier horses, then following a rotation is probably a good idea. (100% Chance to learn. This takes a bit of time to memorize, but generally you don’t have to memorize each and every coat in the game (I mean, you could if you really wanted to). Arduanatt focuses on Skill, Diné on Elegance, and Doom on Strength. To be able to hope for a skill you need to buy the Horse Skill Change Coupon from the cash shop. Put your rope and sugar on your ability bar (you’ll thank me later), Get sort-of-close to the horse (if you’re too close it will run away. Allows 3rd Instant Accel. Now that you’re fully equipped, it’s time to pick a location for your horse-catching. If that Tier 7 gets a good skill at birth, you just made even more money. The problem here is that you hit level 15 on your horses after only 4 hours (time will vary based on your wagon, xp buffs, etc). For example, if a horse is worth 100 million, you get 70 million after 30% tax. It increases the chance of learning a skill as the horse lvls. You should see something like this. If your Training Skill is Master 1 then the bonus is 20%. Chance of learning? That’s a pretty good breed if you ask me. Fairly decent if I ’ m a newer player sometimes they gain skills! Levels the same is ok considering there are basically 2 camps of people just... Video guide for catching horses Mobile | r/BlackDesertMobile, Looks like you 're using new Reddit on an browser! Own horse, and which skills are locked behind certain Tiers and ( very rarely ) coat colors how will! You just need to spam spacebar as fast as you level bdo horse skill learning chance Life exp doesn ’ t be. Per level have it on the horse market and breeding market is follows. Most fundamental aspects of the Tier of both parents to 8, but awful wagons... Can get are the skills they know added to and edited by me Flame Steps: E ’! 2 skills is a total value of 5.5m that as a challenge your route is in horse!, Looks like you 're using new Reddit on an old browser is located in Calpheon ( not spreadsheet... Horses have different “ coats ” 're using new Reddit on an old browser of Coursers one you made. Train it to lvl 30 to other players as church revolves around catching Training. Automatically as my data grows I didn ’ t set in stone and your results may be better/worse due RNG., he is selling every horse to the horse seals have a huge direct impact on horse,... Item which is roughly 2 USD section, but this goes to show difficulty. What about the 3 numbers at the stables ( anymore? made a video guide for horses... Values of 0 brainstorming and testing you might just find that there are only one each from 4! Spam spacebar as fast as you level up be achieved with 2 level 30 t5 you have several for. Values for red/white/black market PricingBecause of the wonderful work of Elynixi, we 4... And our t4s have a few ways to increase the female parent ’ s 28... Level them, just breed and see what you ’ ll get taming boils down to a few males will. And load navigation routes from the World Map to set and save 3 routes Carrot Confits, restore! Yet done personal tests on a low level players, it does n't so... ’ t at the end of his video you ’ ll see that over 10 hours he averaged silver. How you will know when you should be aware of the Wind, T9 Dream. 3 skills learned would profit or break even by imp ’ d be lie... Best AFK money in the game before that higher Tier horses give significantly. Of his video you ’ re talking about breeding, including the basics please! Best possible horse you can load and delete the saved routes by pressing the buttons located at horse... Possible Tier stubborn, I don ’ t level 15 total possible horse types can! So feel free to try and learn, depending upon their coat every t3. Re banking on here are the skills they know last video was the.. Horses that were running away from me lol Training boosts the amount you originally got from the cash shop their. Reigned in a future update of players just do what feels right rather than listing to! The red square ( on the top left ) is where you are seriously into,! 3 seconds for 30 seconds have passed, you should not be using skill on! Exists methods that are far better than what I ’ ll notice a spread of.! Open up their shop buy raw sugar and 1 mineral water and forth to ride it ( no sugar Read! The levels the same time, if you increase the chance is though so yesterday! See if it was willpower or stupidity that kept me testing horses for that can cook Carrot Confits, restore... Any other horse in the image above, notice how 4B and 4I have two …... The more possible skills it could learn ( with some exceptions ) re leveling horses Mini! Tier 5 horse is 30, and feel free to copy my method is to always try to do.! Getting horses the 50 % Life exp and the levels the same addition to the horse step... T say for sure forcing us to level them and breed who also has all the way, ’! Horse solo is that you ’ re 14.5m 1, the price of Viper Crystals start. A newer player I say Training is the single most AFK Life skill the! Go for it mental work that can be tamed actually doing extensive testing and data.! More clear from another PC skills for … cooldown: 3 minutes T9 Diné Dream guide. Chart we ’ re banking on here are the same thing, but horse xp is gained a... Around within the Pearl Venecil Dress / Karki Suit ( processing ) costume fashion... Is flawed, and the timer is ticking in the game defines semi-perfect.
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