C. How to Remove Mold from Leather Shoes and Bags. Take the vacuum hose and remove as much mold as you can. Just make sure you do not use too much pressure or you may ruin your suede shoes or jacket. Use white vinegar only as other colors may stain. Finally, you can use a regular school eraser to rub out those hard to get scuff marks. How To Remove Mold From Suede Shoes. Inspect the shoes carefully when you're finished to ensure that you did remove all of the mildew. To keep this situation from happening again. You can try using baby powder or some other absorbing powder to draw out the moisture. Even though bleach is an effective mold killer do not use that chemical on suede. If the stain is not gone a school eraser should do the trick and the best color is a white one as pink may leave anew stain. The cloth should be very fluffy and not flat like microfiber cloths are. You can overcome it by spraying an essential oil or tea tree/water mix afterwards. Again, if the stain is a liquid one, blot up the excess and use soap suds to clean the area. Can You Microwave Fabric? Finally, lightly moisten a clean cloth and wipe the mud stain. Some basic household products can help remove the mildew without damaging the suede. Just follow the instructions to make sure it handles wax and that the stain is removed. Use baby powder or cornstarch to help soak up any moist stains before cleaning. This will brush away most of the mold and mildew that has built up on the surface of the shoe. Then mix warm water with soap and create a lot of suds. You can use any standard brush to do this. It is possible to put a dry cloth over the stain to soak up any moisture that came with the soap. Then mix some rubbing alcohol and water, using equal parts of each. Spread the lemon juice and salt mixture onto remaining mold and mildew stains, and rub the mixture into the stain by rubbing the fabric together. Then mix some anti-grease dishwashing soap in with some water, moisten a clean cloth and wipe the honey away. You can do that by going back and forth as many times as it takes to remove those marks. Next try a clean cloth moistened with clean water and rub the stained area. Mix the dish soap in water till the suds appear and then apply the suds to the stain. The first step in this stain removal process is to coat the mold with a light layer of petroleum jelly. You should fill the shoes with paper to help them keep their shape and not get dirty on the inside. Use baby powder or cornstarch to help soak up any moist stains before cleaning. – For other shoes, create … The good news is that there seem to be quite a few brands of suede cleaner available so your hardest decision is picking the one to use. Once the stain is fully dry take a cloth or a brush and rub the stain away. This is a simple process and the first thing you have to do is collect some ice and put it in a plastic bag. The mold is normally black, but it can also appear as white spongy growths. If it is a moist stain, make sure to hang your leather item away from direct sunlight or heat. Use soft, clean cloths to blot any excess water from the suede. As a last resort use some fine-grit sandpaper to remove the ink. Work the petroleum jelly into the mildewed area of the suede, pressing firmly and moving the rag in a circular motion. Then wash your shoes with soap and hang them out to dry. Cover the spot with flour, baking powder, or some other absorbing powder, then lay a damp cloth over the stain and powder. Scrub the mildew off the suede with a suede brush or boar-bristled brush. The vinegar has a potent smell. Then you need to let the item dry before brushing the stain. Feb 23, 2017 - Explore Aimee Server's board "How to Clean Suede" on Pinterest.