Loose bridges can often be easily removed and repaired, allowing your dentist to recement the bridge into place. A dental bridge both restores the functionality of your teeth, and also provides significant cosmetic benefits by replacing a lost tooth and giving you back your smile. Here, Soundview Family Dental explains what a dental bridge is, and the complications that can lead to removal and replacement. But can a dental bridge be removed and recemented into place? If you have a dental bridge that feel loose or is causing discomfort, you should not delay in seeking dental care at Dr. Brent Bitner’s dental offices in Cottage Grove, Oregon. A loose bridge is generally not considered an emergency situation, unless you’re in great pain. But can a dental bridge be removed and recemented into place? The dentist cements the crowns into place over the healthy surrounding teeth. Click on image to watch video on Youtube. It can also be caused by trauma or overloading. They literally act as a bridge between two teeth. Trauma- Most crown/bridgework are not bionic! Regular brushing can help reduce this risk, as can regular dental cleanings. Dr. Mark Kraver was interviewed by a major dental magazine for his expertise in new denture technology. Some people believe that it is easier to remove the bridge rather than reinstall a tooth. Can a dental bridge be removed and recemented? In these cases, the dentist will need to drill off the bridge and create a new one. The sensitivity is the result of the bridge and the connected elements constantly touching one part of the tooth or gum areas. I scraped all the old adhesive off inside the crown down to the silver lining . We always take an X-ray of the tooth to make sure there isn’t anything hidden inside the bone, We check to see if the tooth is restorable. Best Mouthwash for Gingivitis: What is the Best One for Me? by replacing a lost tooth and giving you back your smile. Loose dental implants always require complete removal. 14 doctor answers. Crown/bridges are placed over a tooth and usually some of that tooth is exposed to the oral fluids (saliva, beverages and juices of foods). Hole in Restoration- If a hole has been chewed into the restoration or opened by over adjustments, saliva can erode the cement and cause the seal to fail. Sticky Foods- Jolly Ranchers are great for removing crowns! But you should make a dental appointment as soon as possible, because the situation will only worsen. This decay to the anchoring teeth can lead to tooth damage and bridge instability. However, are you really asking whether it can be removed or can it be removed and then recemented onto the teeth?If the dentist is going to remove the bridge to replace it with another, then it is usually drilled off. In most cases, a bridge will stay secured for many years. i have a bridge on the upper left side of my mouth, and over the past few weeks it's just felt "loose". This includes x-rays of your teeth, photographs of the bridge, and perhaps even X-rays of other teeth. These kinds of objects should be easy to brush or rinse away. Any of these habits can cause damage to the crowns or pontic of your bridge. She presents with generalized gingivitis. These can include: While dental bridges are designed to last for many years, many things can contribute to the failure of a dental bridge. It may be possible to repair an existing bridge while in place or with careful removal, or it may be time for a new bridge. Cape Coral, FL 33904, Phone: (239) 549-8921 They are as weak or weaker that your natural teeth. Between these crowns is a pontic, or false tooth, which will fill the gap of your missing tooth. If a crown or bridge comes off, it has  failed. A dental bridge consists of two or more crowns that fit on the top of the anchoring teeth or abutment. It all depends on the integrity of the bridge and the underlying problems. While small chips and cracks can often be repaired, larger breaks can require a new bridge. Sometimes the tooth is completely rotten under the failed restoration and cannot be recemented. – While good oral hygiene at home is essential to maintain the life of your bridge, so are regular visits to your dentist. Because the dentist must file down the healthy teeth in order to place the crown, these teeth are more susceptible to decay. Dental bridges are used to hide the gap a missing tooth leaves behind. Fax: (239) 542-2811, Office Hours: The tooth is inspected under high magnification to see if there is any decay not detected with the x-ray. These can include: – a poor or loose fit can lead to the build-up of tooth decay on the healthy teeth that are under the crowns. Are nuts and hard candies your favorite? However, if he is trying to take it off to check or change something, and then wanting to recement it, then the technique is to try to tap it off with an instrument. it is fine, to it needs to be remade or extracted. Cape Dental Care has been selected the last several years for Angie’s List  Super Service Award winner. Don’t ask me how I know! – Do you tend to chew on a pen when stressed?