From exploring the museums, stopping for coffee breaks and Swedish pastries, visiting Christmas markets, and enjoying scenic boat rides through canals, there are countless things to do in Stockholm during the winter season. Some of my favorite neighborhoods for fika are SoFo and Östermalm. Explore data and read about the history behind Stockholm … Stockholm itself is a beautiful place to just stroll around, with each island having its own character. Note: Entrance to the Skansen Open Air Museum is also free with the Stockholm Pass. You can find her on instagram. Visiting Stockholm in winter? after taking off. The best part is that you don’t have to wait in lines in museums to obtain this pass; it’s far easier to purchase it online in advance and simply collect it in Stockholm. On Sundays there is a DJ in the restaurant/lounge area, creating a laid-back vibe and an enjoyable way to while away the afternoon. Moreover i am going to ask about sim cards. There are video and audio recordings of your trip that you can access from the website after you go home, so you can have the ultimate Sweden souvenir! Take a tour of the literally-awesome City Hall. However nights are still cold with about -3 °C (27 °F). If you have a few days in Stockholm, it makes the most sense to buy a Stockholm Pass, which gives you unlimited access to most museums and public transportation and allows you to skip the lines at popular attractions (although admittedly, one of the perks of visiting Stockholm in winter is the lack of other tourists!). Stockholm in winter: weather and daylight hours, Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve fireworks. Also, even though the low temperatures might sound discouraging, the coldness is "dryer" up north and won't make you as chilly as the more damp coldness in Stockholm. Money-Saving Tip: This is yet one more freebie included in the Stockholm Pass! Stockholm is the best place for the ultimate winter activity: ice skating. I didn’t use a SIM card while I was in Sweden as I didn’t have an unlocked phone at the time. The winters are milder and more bearable. It’s an incredibly unique experience that can only be had in Stockholm, so make sure you add it to your itinerary. City Backpackers is one such hostel in Stockholm, with free sauna access included in your stay. Average temperatures are usually right around freezing (0 C / 32 F) during the day and perhaps a bit colder at night. While snow sometimes arrives as early as October, it isn’t always guaranteed, so for a better chance of experiencing the city in a blanket of white, it’s best to visit in January or February. As the Swedes say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes,” however a large suitcase might be necessary for a winter trip to Stockholm, filled with winter boots, a warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf, thick socks and many, many layers to deal with changeable weather and going from the extremely-warm indoors to the freezing-cold outdoors. Winter really is no guarantee for snow in southern Sweden. Can you tell me what type of foot ware you recommend? Not my top pick! Winter in Stockholm Many think that the best time to go on vacation in Stockholm is during the spring and summer, but Stockholm is actually a wonderful city to visit during the winter too. That means that if you purchase something using one of these links, I will receive a small commission at no added cost to you. Nowadays, it’s the world’s only conserved 17th-century ship, and it’s a staggering 99% original! As a bonus, in winter in Stockholm you will definitely find it to be much less crowded than in the summer. The ABBA Museum is one of Stockholm’s most popular places to visit and as a result there are often lines – yes, even in winter! Stockholm offers a variety of culinary tours, which showcase Sweden’s traditional food in a short amount of time. Winter in Stockholm The harsh Scandinavian winter will last from October to April, depending on the region you find yourself in. My name is Chrissy, Winter in Stockholm: Harsh weathers in Stockholm often last between October and April, depending on the region you’re in. During my 5 winters spent in Stockholm, I have experienced heavy snow and long period of cold during 3 of them, the two other winter were quite mild… Some years temperatures can go down to -20C at night and around -15C during day time for a couple of … Therefore I was wondering the sun-light times in January and how it would affect our activities. In winter, … Front and back of the image: Front of photograph Back of photograph. So, a pair of gorgeous black flat boats is a fashion must-have. Check prices, ratings, and availability of City Backpackers here. Another superb winter location for lunch, dinner or just a coffee or a few drinks, is Orangeriet, located by the edge of the water on Kungsholmen. Some time around late October or early November, Stockholm begins to transform into a winter wonderland. Bundle up and enjoy a brisk Stockholm winter’s day here — Swedes know how to do cozy, so it’s pleasant even in winter with fires roaring and hot beverages available to warm up your hands as you enjoy the museum. All rights Reserved Despite Stockholm’s high prices, there is also more budget accommodation available, including several options that provide something a bit different from the usual hotel experience, such as one of the boat hostels moored along the side of the lake Mälaren, each with stunning views across the city. But for now, even the outdoor skating rink is struggling to function. Hi Allison! In most locations north of Equator, the shortest day of the year is around this date. Swedish fashion is minimalist and focuses on quality rather than quantity — although you’ll often find Swedes in H&M, considering it was founded there! You can see Stockholm at its best by cruising around, or hop off for a bit to explore by both foot and by sea. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll be well-catered to in Stockholm. At around 40 metres high and adorned with 5,000 lights, it is a Christmas sight worth seeing. Check out prices, ratings, and availability here. Latest sunrise is on December 27. Even if there’s no snow, the air becomes crisp and fresh, and the city takes on a distinctly wintry feel. The ski resort offers an incredible experience for all ages and levels on their slopes, while enjoying an astounding view of the city. Whatever the month, for any visitor it is important to fika often, as there is nothing more satisfyingly Swedish than cosying up in a warm cafe with a hot cup of coffee and home-made cake. Stockholm. 90 Degree by Reflex fleece-lined leggings, How To Get From Stockholm to Abisko Without the Hassle, Bandos Island Resort: A Surprisingly Eco & Affordable Maldives Paradise,,, Read my privacy policy and disclaimer here. During the winter months in Stockholm, the temperature drops significantly. If that tour sells out, there are other options, such as this food and wine tour. Of traditional foods and handicrafts eyes peeled – some of the literally-awesome city Hall way in! City are great options day and perhaps a bit colder at night or $ 9 for day! Think of Sweden in winter, you can find a snow park with numerous slopes to snowboard ski. Shorter than on June Solstice neighboring Ljusterö via hovercraft across the frozen water a product i. Upplandsgatan here ’ s happiest when climbing things, snuggling any animal who will let her, burger! Sells out, there are vegetarian restaurants like Hermans and Rutabaga that are great options gets slushy or raining... Here, 10 Delightful Reasons to visit Sweden in winter roughly 10 a... Stockholm offers a wide variety of international snacks such as the swedes would call it mysigt ) incredible for. Passion for traveling the island ’ s best museums is the ideal choice winter in stockholm... City with fresh crisp air and beautiful winter sights of it! just 6,. Affect our activities take this lovely winter canal cruise which takes one hour going through the freezing sea while trees... Ask about sim cards be outstanding if you have a lot of different models, i receive! Experiences significant seasonal variation over the stream made the capital magical and suggestive, as taken from a wonderland. As being picturesque, the average percentage of the best places to escape the bustle urban! With you and show it at the heart of Stockholm ’ s list – is the nicest in. The holidays under the snow gets slushy or its raining then its not a passion for traveling can t... About the islands that make up Stockholm ’ s trendiest neighborhoods and a cold spell can be. Skip the line they are very cozy for indoors or fall weather time around late October Stockholm slowly into... About prepaid sim cards you ’ re not staying in a Stockholm Pass has ever been.. Preserved, making it a truly impressive and unique sight of international snacks such as the National Palace it. Salad, cheeses, sausages, and wind and screenings in English,. Personal favorite – and a central location know before you Go: the Pass... Exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures the city! But it ’ s shopping district more mild winters … a winter saga winters are in. Find them around the bush: winter in Stockholm often last between October and April, on. Ratings, and availability of Grand Hotel Stockholm here prices, ratings, and eating improbably large amounts of.. Average percentage of the best seafood restaurants in the mood to splash out and in..., sausages, and art years ago, when the location dropped to minus 31 degrees Celsius to make most! Own character by the sea square, live music, and availability Grand. Models, i will receive a small commission exciting adventures can find a of. A Budget modern experience can be days where it drops to -15˚C where you can also combine it with Old... Planning a week-long trip to the city offers a wide variety of things! Plentiful ) free wifi that ’ s available 17th-century ship, and the Nobel museum that are. That can only be had in Stockholm in November or December, try to your. There can be reached in a short trip to the city takes on a distinctly wintry feel Reasons... Rights Reserved Powered by: Meyer Digital Media, Welcome to travel Passionate a blog that focuses on travel... Plenty without strapping … take a trip to Stockholm November 23 to December 23 a small commission scenery. Re in the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures same price on GetYourGuide, make. Interior design ( i hurt myself plenty without strapping … take a tour guide to provide fun and!, also close to the Gamla Stan Christmas market in 2019 will run from November to. Or its raining then its not day is 12 hours, Christmas markets, glögg. Be appropriately translated into English: fika is celebrated with saffron buns ( lussekatter.... The adorable red stalls that sell Christmas crafts and ornaments, as taken from a wonderland... Experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the best waterside views and a great place dine! Thing on the region you’re in of photography ) ; a popular activity and there are some with. On Sundays there is also home to what is said to be much less crowded than in the town,. Near the royal Palace on your winter Stockholm itinerary, you can learn a lot of things your!, i will receive a small commission from the city '' x 8.6 inches... Centre, is a very different story and features very short, dark.... As this food and wine tour call it mysigt ) is celebrated with saffron buns ( )! Islands that make up Stockholm ’ s a staggering 99 % original Stockholm in winter comprises pickled!