If you need to install and use your quartz countertop immediately, you can do that. More so, whatever material it is that you decide to use for your countertop, it’s important to ensure that you’re going through the correct process of countertop installation. While these are easy to apply, they wear off quickly and require constant resealing. After all, quartz isn’t the same as other common countertop materials. This will allow you to get rid of the stains on the countertop much faster than if you just washed it with soap. Determine if the countertop requires sealing. Granite Sealer & Conditioner + Micro Fiber (1 QUART), Superior Stone Care Finish – Works Best For Sealing Countertops & Flooring, For Use On Granite, Marble, Tile, Quartz & … Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 3. As such, if you need the look of natural stone, you can achieve it with quartz. 4 in. Now, you will still want to be careful and clean your countertop regularly. Using a clean cloth, apply product in a circular motion. Quartz countertops can be expensive, so why not invest a bit more to protect your counter further? It's a man-made quartz countertop like Silestone, Zodiac, Cambria quartz and others. 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A quartz countertop doesn’t have the porous structure needed to absorb a sealant properly. 6 Ways Technology Makes Watching Sports Better, MINI Vision Urbanaut adapts its Interior Layouts using a Digital Token, URWERK Introduces Stormtrooper-inspired EMC TimeHunter, OEO Studio Updates Copenhagen restaurant Kadeau, Herzog & de Meuron Restores Volkshaus hotel in Basel, How to Create the Perfect Men’s Skincare Routine, Guide For New Moms: List Of All The Essentials You Need To Buy For Your Newborn, 5 Ways to Make Moving to A New House A Breeze. The more you use it, the more likely something will happen to it. Weiman Quartz Countertop Cleaner and Polish - Clean & Shine Your Quartz Countertops Islands and Stone Surfaces with UV Protection. Even though sealing isn’t necessary, there are some pitfalls to not sealing quartz. x 8 in. But that beauty comes with regular maintenance, such as sealing, to protect from wear and tear. While there may be other pros out there, there are a couple of common advantages to sealing your quartz countertop. While the right sealant can be an advantage when sealing a quartz countertop, the wrong one can be damaging. The granite sealer from TriNova is our top pick because of its top-notch features. Again, avoid vinegar, citrus bases, and acid cleaners. However, quartzite, being a natural stone, requires sealing to ensure that liquids do not seep in and cause damages to the countertop. Of course, this list isn’t that long, but it is crucial to consider every side of every argument before you decide if you should seal your quartz countertop. Of course, you don’t have to seal your quartz countertop for it to work well. Wiping may seem like a very simple tip, but it’s still one of the best ways to avoid stains. That can be particularly useful in some homes or for some people. While it can take more of a beating, you should clean your quartz countertop regularly. Since quartz doesn’t need a sealant, there’s no reason to use one. Sealers made of siliconates penetrate into the countertop which makes them last longer than topical sealers. Granite is a natural stone that needs to have a sealer applied once a year but it costs less than quartz. It is easy to confuse quartz to quartzite seeing that both countertop materials contain the natural stone quartz. Even if you try to be super careful with your countertop, you may still want the peace of mind of sealing the quartz. While these are easy to apply, they wear off quickly and require constant resealing. With the right quartzite countertop sealer, your kitchen or bathroom countertop will last for a couple of decades. Because quartz countertops are non-porous, you don’t have to worry about stains seeping into the material. ], Why You Don’t Have to Seal Quartz Countertops, Cambria Quartz Colors (Find Your Cambria Color). Arcade games and pool tables might be favored in bars, but no matter your age, after a long day, you want to have fun. Do Not Use Common “Penetrating Sealers” on Quartz Countertops. This phenomenon is experienced in all-natural stone countertop materials including granite and marble. If the counter chips or cracks, you need to hire a professional to restore it and enhance its look. Repairing the foundation of your home is a serious task. Like all natural stones, quartzite has microscopic pores that let in liquids if liquids are allowed to sit on the surface of the counter for longer than a few minutes. While sealing your quartz countertop isn’t necessary, there are a couple of pros and cons to consider. Although these acids and bases are great cleaners and the quartzite material will not etch, they slowly eat away the sealant leaving your countertop exposed. You also need to reseal the counter one or two times in a year depending on how often you use it. Either spray or wipe on the sealer, and then let it dry. You should make sure that sealing is the right option for you. If you want to know more about how that can be problematic for your counter, click here. As durable as quartz is, it can be easy to think that nothing can hurt it. STEP 1. While you don’t have to seal your quartz countertop, you may want to, and that’s okay. I'd call Silestone and see what they recommend. Seeped liquids can cause discoloration and can also lead to the propagation of bacteria. The slab of natural stone can only be cut certain ways and in lengths to ensure it maintains a stable and even surface. Fumes can be noxious. Still, quartz can be damaged when not cared for properly. Although quartzite is strong, it becomes dull with time. February 18, 2020 . Just as there are pros and cons to sealing your quartz countertop, there are pros and cons to skipping that step. Quartz countertops don’t need to be sealed, but there are some benefits to sealing them. To ensure that liquids do not sip though, you need to seal the countertop. If you want to seal your quartz countertop, make sure you choose the right option. Unlike quartz which will not let in any liquid, if the sealer wears off on a section of your quartzite countertop, it will stain on exposure to juices, wine, or other stains. 11 Simple Steps for a Squeaky Clean Quartz Countertop. Remove any food residues as soon as you’re done eating. Even though this type of quartz is man-made, it can still be damaged when not cared for properly. urdesignmag is a daily updated web magazine that features captivating news from the creative world, covering spheres such as design, architecture, art, technology and fashion.