Spell out in first reference, abbreviate thereafter. Use it to suggest that the interval between things or events is even (equal), not that something “happens often”. But bear in mind it persists in some charities and other brand names, such as Livable Houses Australia. Never write the bacteria is. Per the ABC’s editorial standards, content that is likely to harm or offend must be justified by the context in which it appears. A phenomena is incorrect. Zap's ABC an Android application combining abcm2ps, abc2midi and a bit of abc4j into a tool for composing in your pocket. Avoid the terms recreational drugs or party drugs outside of quotes. This is a snapshot of our achievements, programs and personalities and celebrates the ABC's contribution to Australian life for more than 80 years. Here’s a few more tips: led is the past tense of the verb lead: Phrases like he lead the team to victory appear all too often. First reference: “Justice Rex Chong”, then “Justice Chong said”, “the judge said”. Peddle is what a pedlar does, unless he’s a drug peddler. A playwright practises the art of playwriting. Writing with authenticity. Focus on ability rather than disability: people who have a disability are multi-dimensional, and their disability is only one characteristic. Use first anniversary instead. Note the mid-word capital letter. Abortion is generally not the only service provided by these clinics. Download speed is generally measured in bits per second, not bytes. IVF fine in headlines. Cap Awards. Aim for sentences of between 12 and 15 words each with 3 sentences in each paragraph. In other words, avoid punctuating like this: The director, Sofia Coppola said she deliberately made the film highly stylised. In many stories, it may be appropriate to use — or, potentially, offensive to exclude — Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander placenames that are not widely known by the public. Father-in-law, fathers-in-law, and so on. Where appropriate, use the active voice rather than the passive voice. These labels are emotive. Thus, usage like the following should be avoided: Kristy McBain declares victory in Eden-Monaro. Corrections can take many forms: from a clarification, to removing content, to issuing an apology. Some people use gender-neutral or non-binary courtesy titles, such as Mx. Avoid confusing the two, as in: extract revenge. Use an ellipsis to show that you’ve removed words from a quote: “But I really wanted him to know, I mean I wanted him to know that he was wrong.” becomes “I really wanted him to know … he was wrong.”. Formal titles are capped, eg. A conjunction used to continue negation after an initial negative clause, as in: Myer’s performance since listing has not helped, nor has the recent brutal market correction. Things reach a peak or climax. (Wrong), He said although police had spoken to a number of people, no-one had been charged. Both are collective terms: where possible, be specific and describe your talent the, Not interchangeable: all refer to different groupings of Pacific Island countries. Contrary to popular belief, commercial references are not verboten at the public broadcaster. Preferred spelling for the Turkic ethnic group. Some usage guides advocate for who even in places where whom should appear, arguing the latter can come across as “stilted” or “super-formal”. Instead of hitting ‘GO’ in order to search the web, you’ll see text above the phone keyboard telling you how many instances of that word or phrase are found on the page you’re currently on. An elementary particle of existence. The full names of organisations take upper case on first reference and lower case in subsequent reference: the University of New South Wales, but later the university. Mistakes can occur when the headline writer did not read the whole story, but framed the headline based on just the first couple of paragraphs. Nor would you say someone is in hospital recovering after being electrocuted. Intimidated (but to kowtow, from the Mandarin, means to prostrate yourself before someone). While many dictionaries do list a verb sense of infer that is equivalent to imply, it is widely considered to be nonstandard English. It has the same name as the naturally occurring human hormone it replicates. Do not use old age pensioners; i is preferable to “elderly people” or “the elderly”. Pressurised might refer to the atmosphere inside a plane. Raft has become a popular way to describe a big collection of things, like ‘a raft of awards’, but it has a subtly ironic tone. In news stories, first reference for city and county: Londonderry. Words relating to disability have the potential to cause great offence to many people. We should take care with labelling groups or individuals. Does that mean police think violence is likely, or that they’ve allocated resources to prepare for an imminent gang war? abcjs plugin for displaying ABC notation on any Web page. Use the full title and name in first reference: Air Marshal Leo Davies. In the absence of a talent’s stated preference, use fisherman or fishermen for plural reference. An Americanism, this refers to a sitting politician. What was meant was “congenital” (meaning existing from birth), not congenial (agreeable). It’s also used with reference to projects that fail. in place of profession, community etc) outside of direct quotes. Better to use singular verbs with collective nouns when expressing the sense of a single entity: the Government is planning to increase defence spending, Brisbane is unbeaten this season. Australia vs Germany, Labor vs Liberal, etc. In reference to the specific product: Band-Aid. Lower case in other reference. In formal news copy, spell out contractions, except in quotes. This has two meanings in Islam. They use various vessels in their anti-whaling activities, including the Steve Irwin. Some alternatives: sex reassignment surgery, gender confirmation surgery. Military vessels of any nation take this form: HMAS Adelaide; USS Kitty Hawk. It is clumsy to say “a Rural Lands Protection Board ranger is in intensive care in Dubbo hospital after surviving a fatal helicopter crash yesterday afternoon.” Better to say “the ranger survived a helicopter crash which killed another man”. If you mean a room on the top of a building, then it’s garret. Generally, bands are plural entities. An alternative spelling, blue riband, is something of an archaism. The Murray River is dying: researchers but The Murray River is dying: Greens. Do not talk of disadvantaged people when you mean the poor. Top of Page, Western Desert Aboriginal language group and people. When writing scripts for broadcast, write measurements in full: Consider whether the numbers or measurements involved in your story require precision, or a round figure. Shame!). Rubella is the preferred term. Avoid Burma, unless the country’s previous name is editorially relevant. Do not use as a noun. Most agree that jargon should be avoided. Fatal means “causing death”. …the Obama administration is in the final throes of deciding… not throws. In the 1980s Chris Walshaw began writing out fragments of folk/traditional tunes using letters to represent the notes before he learned standard Western music notation. A trooper is a soldier, responsible for a different expression: swear like a trooper. Under international law, anyone can apply for asylum. Same goes for onstage, backstage, offstage. In subsequent reference, the Booker Prize or the prize. Plural: MPs. For these words, neither form is incorrect (though an historic can come across as a slight affectation). Capitalised when referring to the chief evil spirit and great adversary of God, but lower case in general speech as in satanic and devilish … heaven and hell also lower case, as is paradise and purgatory. For quotes within quotes, alternate between double and single quotation marks. Not Siamese twins. Abbreviated forms of user experience and user interface. Do not presume to label any group a cult, unless it is widely held by experts to be one (such as Heaven’s Gate or Aum Shinrikyo). Compare like with like: yesterday’s weather with today’s. Floods and bushfires need not always be described as devastating, even though we all know they are. In reference to the 1984 musical fundraising event, two separate words, capitalised: Band Aid. Spell these out in article text, but can be Channel 9 etc in headlines. The same goes for courts in the plural, e.g. Cap it for an incumbent: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. Not quite the same: I’m feeling a bit below par. Writing ABC abbreviation meaning defined here. she suffers from depression. They might just have a commanding lead. Dow Jones Industrial Average or Dow Jones, Financial Times Stock Exchange or FTSE 100, Standard & Poor’s or S&P 500. To browse alphabetically, click on the above letters. Both in use, our preference is for the former. In Australian law, arson often has a specific legal meaning implying intention, recklessness, or property damage. When used to indicate combined objects (studio-cum-apartment, chef-cum-scientist) make sure to hyphenate. We round up (verb) the news to bring you this round-up. Avoid this term outside of direct quotes. You might end up with a sentence similar to He is not an actor, such as Tom Cruise, the Scientology enthusiast. ABC Format Notes The ABC format should be used whenever you are asked to answer a question with a written response (short answer, essay). This means a body of soldiers — usually civilians, rather than professional soldiers. The Northern Territory National Emergency Response is the full name of the legislation introduced by the Howard government to address neglect and abuse in NT Aboriginal communities. An ex-patriot is someone who used to be patriotic but isn’t any more. The preferred past tense and past participle form of the verb is fitted, not fit. premiers, minor premiers, champions, championship. Avoid: cop killer. The ABC International Development team uses its media expertise to connect and empower people in the Asia-Pacific region, and globally, to have a voice. Plural euros. Generally, Japanese names consist of a family name and a given name in that order: Abe Shinzō. An asteroid is any rocky body, usually orbiting the Sun. Hyphenated form is standard as an attributive for a safe political seat, or a mark of excellence: the blue-ribbon Liberal electorate of Warringah, Dangerfield and Selwood are blue-ribbon midfielders. If John Smith has been knighted, the convention is to call him Sir John Smith or Sir John, but not Sir Smith. In this example, using or would be nonstandard. When used as a verb means to rush headlong (careen is to keel over). Use an individual’s chosen name in headlines. WRITING IN ABC FORMAT DEFINIATIVELY 4 Security officers go through a lot training that is mandated through the state for the carrying weapons like batons, firearms, and pepper spray (e.g. This is the noun sense, meaning someone who is dependent (adjective). The ABC essay writing method derives from a time management procedure of the same name. The people: Afghan. Naught is increasingly archaic, used only in specific well-worn phrases (“it came to naught”.). Technically these are not interchangeable terms: cement is an ingredient of concrete, which is a mix of aggregates and paste. Considered by many to be politically loaded and too colloquial. Use the former for passive past tense descriptions of birth: I was born in Queensland. Is shortened to Jr when part of a name, as in Robert Downey Jr. Not ‘Jnr’ or any other combo. Use lower case when referring to individual marines: three US marines are charged with killing civilians in Iraq. Generally, the family name comes first, then the middle name, then the given name: Nguyễn Phú Trọng. Only moving objects can “collide”, so a moving object cannot collide with a stationary one. In cases where a third party has used a label to describe a group or individual, this should be made clear within the broadcast. A rule of thumb: if someone’s academic or medical status has no bearing on a story, they probably don’t need the courtesy title: Through his Minderoo Foundation, Mr Forrest said he would provide $10 million to build a volunteer army of more than 1,200 people. But not Western Australian coast. In determining the result, the outcome in a Territory is not counted towards “a majority of States”, but the vote is included in the “majority of electors” total. Countries of the Commonwealth have “High Commissioners”. Lightning when you mean thunder and lightning. Don’t say, “next month will see inflation falling”. The verb is to dwarf: Q1 dwarfs the surrounding buildings. Avoid: miced, micing. We ended up with neither the pink nor the blue. Trademark, so capitalise. Though this term is in standard usage, there’s nothing wrong with using aged care home. Two words: per cent. It is not split personality or intellectual disability. Are specialists in ophthalmology. Extract, on the other hand, generally refers to the action of getting or taking one object or substance out of another (for example, extracting a tooth or extracting juice from a vegetable). If you want to write a good report or a dissertation , for example, you will need to know and understand the words discussed here. Do not use; regarded as inappropriate and stigmatising; prefer people with leprosy or, if they are being treated, leprosy patients. Note the hyphen. For the Australian Labor Party (ALP), you can say Labor or the Labor Party then ALP or the party. Some will say there is no such thing as the Nobel Prize in economics. This means “kill by electricity”, so you would not say “electrocuted to death”. No apostrophes when the time period is adverbial: two weeks old, six months pregnant. Single word for the adjective, as in hayfever remedies. Single word, with a second capital letter. Try not to confuse it with flout which, while orthographically similar, has the opposite meaning of “to degrade openly”. Or remove altogether: The Government has put tax reform on the agenda can easily become The Government has put tax on the agenda. Less contentious alternatives can include developing economies, low or lower income countries or, less commonly, lean economies. Ancestors are the people who came before you. ‘More than one million people died in that famine and now there are fears that history could be repeating.’ Propellerheads and Shirley Bassey have made ‘history repeating’ stick in our brains, but in a serious discussion of world hunger we should write ‘…history could be repeating itself.’. (Right). On subsequent reference, use the courtesy title and their surname: Investment banker Harriet Morgan previously led investment missions to Spain. Pictures are hung. In second and subsequent: the RAAF, the Air Force. Left-winger is also hyphenated but consider before using (see labelling). Not interchangeable, strictly speaking.