were more important problems than leafy spurge). ! Sea spurge can produce up to 5,000 salt-tolerant seeds. Leafy spurge is a master at self preservation, according to the Colorado State University Extension. View/ Open. More than 10 years after it was identified as a major weed pest in Manitoba, leafy spurge is now a much worse problem than ever.A new survey says leafy They found no lesions in “nasal passages, oral cavity, tongue, esophagus or viscera” of animals who had eaten leafy spurge. Today, according to the 2010 leafy spurge Economic Impact Assessment (www.leafyspurge.ca) this invasive plant costs the Manitoba economy over $40 million a year with over 1.2 million acres infested. Some features of this site may not work without it. -1!8$/*4%)!$.(!.$*,:)!8%$,%,)!1%-