The main purpose of a Cloud Architecture Diagram is used to document the Cloud Computing Architecture for facilitating better communication among stakeholders. Learn how to configure a DevTest and DevOps infrastructure for development, testing, and deploying microservice-based software. Get an overview of the functional interactions between events, insights, and actions in Azure Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Microservices architecture on Azure Service Fabric. They can be defined at many levels of detail and abstraction (from specific to generalized) and for many different purposes. The NetWeaver on SQL Server application solution illustrates how a user request flows through an SAP landscape built on NetWeaver by utilizing Azure Virtual Machines to host SAP applications and a SQL Server database. Azure Functions being utilized from on-premises virtual machines. Implement a real-time prediction service in R using Machine Learning Server running in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). A live streaming solution allows you to capture video in real-time and broadcast it to consumers in real time, such as streaming interviews, conferences, and sporting events online. This document outlines a reference architecture for deployment of HashiCorp Vault in the context of the Kubernetes cluster scheduler. Publishing internal APIs to external users. In a microservices application architectural style, an application is composed of many discrete, network-connected components, which are termed microservices. Build an asset tracking application for supply chain with a step-by-step flowchart. This example shows how you can modernize your legacy systems that cannot support new processes and provide better user experience. Demand Forecasting for Shipping and Distribution. Learn how GitHub tools make security practices an integral part of DevOps while maintaining efficiency. All of it using .NET Core. Stream processing with Azure Stream Analytics. This example scenario demonstrates how you can accelerate frontend and business process development with drag and drop visual designer. PowerEdge Reference Architectures. Learn how to establish a dev/test environment for SAP NetWeaver on Azure. Create an image classifier with a solution architecture that includes Microsoft AirSim Drone simulator and Azure Custom Vision Cognitive Service. Cloud gateway. Serverless Computing Solution for LOB Apps. Manage medical records with the highest level of built-in security. Learn about logging, tracing, and monitoring for microservices apps. Show PDF | Show Instructions To step through the slide show, click the Previous and Next buttons. 5.1 Objectives. With identity-based authentication you can control access to Azure file shares by using AD DS users and groups. HPC Life Sciences. The reference architecture below is inspired by HSBC's digital payment platform, PayMe for Business. The IBM Blockchain Platform is a fully integrated, enterprise-ready blockchain platform that you can use to accelerate the development, governance, and operation of a multi-institution business network. See how anomaly detection models are selected with time-series data. Monitor and control your network infrastructure. Build secure and scalable e-commerce solutions that meet the demands of both customers and business using Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Facilities management powered by mixed reality and IoT. Use HPC cloud systems for cloud-native application and batch processing. Ratings . Create a multitier web application built for high availability and disaster recovery on Azure using Azure virtual machines, availability sets, availability zones, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Traffic Manager. Build an enterprise-grade conversational bot. Distributed training of deep learning models on Azure. $0.00. This example scenario implements an e-commerce front end using Azure platform as a service tools, which allow you to handle increases in transactions. See how to use these tools within an Azure framework. The color of each element in the diagram indicates whether the element is part of Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce and if it is required. Reduce rollout time and avoid common integration efforts with our validated design and deployment guidance. The AWS Architecture Center provides reference architecture diagrams, vetted architecture solutions, Well-Architected best practices, patterns, icons, and more. Build a DevOps pipeline for a Node.js web app with Jenkins, Azure Container Registry, Azure Kubernetes Service, Cosmos DB, and Grafana. The reference architecture should define and diagram the CI/CD pipeline to build and deploy the application, the PaaS services and configurations used in the solution, utilities for cross cutting concerns like monitoring, and guidance on capacity and sizing. Each type of these Cloud Computing Architecture diagrams can visually depict the cloud components and the relationships between them. Learn how to deploy a highly available SharePoint farm for intranet capabilities with a step-by-step solution architecture template from Azure. HPC Risk Analysis Template - Solution Architecture. This scenario is best used for real time messaging applications where users require a low-cost but robust messaging service. Manage access to AWS services and resources. Population Health Management is an important tool that is increasingly being used by health care providers to manage and control the escalating costs. Building such a system that collects data and identifies potential problems along a pipeline can provide enormous advantages. AI at the Edge with Azure Stack Hub - disconnected. A large enterprise architecture for SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and Linux web servers hosted on an on-premises datacenter with failover to Azure infrastructure. End-to-end monitoring solution with Azure Data Explorer demonstrates a hybrid monitoring solution integrated with Azure Sentinel and Azure Monitor for ingesting streaming and batched logs from diverse sources within an enterprise ecosystem. The diagram shows the main Sitecore XP and Sitecore XC services and some of the main connections between them. Learn how the task-based consumer mobile app architecture is created with a step-by-step flow chart that shows the integration with Azure App Service Mobile Apps, Visual Studio, and Xamarin to simplify the build process. Reference diagram Workflow management reference architecture Solutions Solutions Resources Resources Workflow management reference architecture.