His inner ears are light pink, rimmed with black and a single rosette on the back of each. Bad. Source • Remember Who You Are • This is My Home • The Rightful King The Lion King 1½: Ma • Uncle Max • Iron Joe • Meerkat Colony He also vaguely resembles Sabor from Tarzan. She is later used by Makucha as blackmail to try and make the Lion Guard leave, only to be kicked away by the golden zebra and then run off defeated. He also leads an army of other animals to help him defeat the Lion Guard and the Night Pride. Even though they are defeated, they're still good friends. • "Oregon Astray" • "New Guinea Pig" • "Isle of Manhood" • "Puttin' on the Brits" • "Klondike Con" • "Isle Find Out" • "Beetle Romania" • "Rumble in the Jungle" • "Wide Awake in Wonderland" • "Zazu's Off-by-One Day" • "Animal Barn" • "Roach Hotel" • "Africa-Dabra!" When Thurston tells Makucha not to eat him, Makucha says he's looking for someone more tastier. The Lion Guard: Lair of the Lion Guard • Janja's Den • Tree of Life, Instrumental Scores: This Land • Hyenas • ...To Die For • Under the Stars • King of Pride Rock • Didn't Your Mother Tell You Not to Play with Your Food • We are All Connected • Hyenas in the Pride Lands • Elephant Graveyard • I Was Just Trying to Be Brave • Stampede • Mufasa Dies • If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill You • Bowling for Buzzards • We Gotta Bone to Pick With You • Kings of the Past • Nala, is It Really You? He frequently roars and growls to express anger or irritation. Species His leap, Chuluun, Ora, Fahari, Jiona, Mama Binturong, Smun I'm following him until my revenge is over. Strength, speed, leaping, stamina, endurance, combatant The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. She is a part of the lion Guard and her role in the guard is the Purest of heart. • "Shake Your Djibouti" • "Yosemite Remedy" • "The Sky is Calling" • "Mozam-Beaked" • "Ocean Commotion" To hunt whatever animal he wants (failed)To follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life and eat rare animals (failed) Makucha (Voiced by Steve Blum) is a maleleopard in The Lion Guard. The series was first broadcast with a television movie, titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015 and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016 on Disney Junior and Disney Channel. He is voiced by Steve Blum. Liking the sound of Makcuha's plan, Ora agrees to join in. This is a fanmade/unofficial channel with news and clips of Disney's hit series, The Lion Guard. Personality The Lion Guard: Kion • Bunga • Fuli • Beshte • Ono • Tiifu • Zuri • Janja • Cheezi • Chungu • Janja's Clan • Mzingo • Mzingo's Parliament • Mwoga • Makuu • Makuu's Float • Pua • Basi • Basi's Pod • Ushari • Jasiri • Madoa • Tunu and Wema • Thurston • Mbeya • Ma Tembo • Zito • Aminifu • Reirei • Goigoi • Dogo • Dogo's Brothers • Kijana • Reirei's Pack • Twiga • Juhudi • Shingo • Muhanga and Muhangus • Tamaa • Nala's Father • Swala • Muhimu • Hamu • Ajabu • Makucha • Makucha's Army • Fahari • Jiona • Mjomba • Ogpoa • Haya • Laini • Badili • Mbuni • Mapigano • Mtoto • Gumba • Kambuni • Kwato • Shauku • Nne • Tano • Vuruga Vuruga • Young Rhino • Lioness • Majinuni and Hafifu • King Sokwe • Jasiri's Clan • Hadithi • Bupu • Boboka • Chura • Kifaru • Mwenzi • Uroho • Mwizi • Kulinda • Ona • Mpishi • Makini • Shupavu • Kiburi • Tamka • Nduli • Kiburi's Float • Chama • Kenge • Dhahabu • Hodari The army was found by Makucha. Makucha begins stalking the okapi Ajabu, having pursed him from a far-off place. Originally from the Back Lands, Makucha chased an okapi named Ajabu all the way to the Pride Lands. When Dhahabu's Watering Hole dries up, Dhahabu and the Lion Guard locate the source of the problem - a group of rocks blocking the water from streaming down. He replies that they will have to make him leave, before running off. Steve Blum is the voice of Makucha in The Lion Guard. Hunter His pawpads are red-brown. Minions In The Imaginary Okapi, Makucha is Mac's old enemy. They tried to defeat the Lion Guard and the Night Pride. Comments Add a Comment. • "Maine-Iacs" • "Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum" • "Rome Alone" • "Amusement Bark" • "Once Upon a Timon" • "Home is Where the Hog Is" • "Beethoven's Whiff" • "Bumble in the Jungle" • "Mind Over Matterhorn" • Prance With Me • Tujiinue • Height and Sight • We Will Defend • A New Way to Go • On the Last Night • When I Led the Guard • The Tree of Life • A Snow Monkey's Home • Ghost of the Mountain • Anything • That's the Dolphin Way • As You Move Forward • Flamingo Dance Party • You Best Not Mess With Mama • Friends to the End • Kion's Reckoning • Welcome to the Tree of Life • Who is Better Than Who • Poa the Destroyer • Long Live the Queen • Remember What Makes You You • The Power of the Roar • Of the Same Pride • As You Move On on now. Swipe Up To Play. Classic editor History Comments Share. Makucha Ava15's Fanfics The Lion King Fanon WikiFandom. Makucha is first seen hunting gazelles. Fuli approaches Makucha and challenges him to another fight. 9 Scar gets defeated by rain and Ushari dies because he fell in the volcano with Bunga but Bunga survived because Ono saved him. Real leopards and lions are enemies; lions in the wild often steal from leopards or kill them to rid themselves of a rival competitor. He is very confident in his fighting skills, believing himself capable of taking on two at once. The Lion Guard: Call of the Guard • A Beautiful Day (Ni Siku Nzuri) • Zuka Zama • Tonight We Strike • Kion's Lament • It is Time • Here Comes the Lion Guard • We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa) • Don't Make a Stink • Bunga the Wise • Duties of the King • Outta the Way • Jackal Style • Our Kupatana Community • My Own Way • Utamu • All Hail The Vultures • Hero Inside • Bird of a Thousand Voices • Panic and Run • Trail to Hope • Life in the Pride Lands • We'll Make You a Meal • Find Your Roar • Chungu's Lament • Baboons • Beware of the Zimwi • Lions Over All • Stand Up, Stand Out • Kuishi Ni Kucheka • Running with the King • Hadithi the Hero • Makin' Hippo Lanes • Tickbirds and Rhinos • Teke Ruka Teleza • Everyone is Welcome • The Traveling Baboon Show • A Real Meal • Fujo • The Path of Honor • Bring Back a Legend • Today is my Day • I Have A Plan • Gotta Look on the Bright Side • The Worst Hyena We Know • May There Be Peace • Big Bad Kenge • Christmas in the Pride Lands • The Twelve Ways of Christmas • I Do Have a Great Deal to Say • Fabulous Dhahabu • Give a Little Guy a Chance • We're the Smartest • Good King Simba • The Faster I Go • I'm Gonna Run This Dump • Now You See Me, Now You Don't • Wisdom on the Walls • He's The Zebra Mastermind • Kwetu Ni Kwetu • Nothin' to Fear Down Here • Shujaa Ponda • Pride Landers Unite! In "Triumph of the Roar", Kion blasted Makcuha away with his Roar. He has thick, bushy dark brown eyebrows, long black whiskers, black claws, white teeth, and a black nose. Triumph of the Roar. on now. • "Beware the Zimwi" • "Lions of the Outlands" • "Never Roar Again" • "The Lost Gorillas" • "The Trail to Udugu" • "Ono's Idol" • "Beshte and the Hippo Lanes" • "Ono the Tickbird" Over time she and Makucha grow closer and feelings start to arise as Amana learns what it means to be a leopard. Makucha is a very persistent and territorial character. Restaurants: Restaurant Hakuna Matata Character Information Makucha is male leopard and a predator. She made her debut in "The Wisdom of Kongwe". Makucha sees the Lion Guard in his territory and they start to attack the guard. When Makucha's army arrives at the Tree of Life with Ullu asleep (due to her being a nocturnal owl), Surak and the Night Pride plan to confront them only for the Lion Guard to help them defeat them. Makucha and the rest of his army attack a family of tigers to which the Night Pride and the Lion Guard were able to defeat them. Nicknames settings. The Lion Guard › Makucha. This would be … Slight spoilers for the ending of the Lion Guard Rated: Fiction T - English - OC - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4,702 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 12/11/2019 - Published: 9/3/2019 - Status: Complete - id: 13379174 Fate Location TV Show: The Lion Guard Franchise: Lion King. After surviving death, Makucha and Chuluun are met with an unpleasant surprise to their otherwise uneventful life. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Makucha's Army, also known as the Army of Predators or Mama Binturong's Army is an army of evil animals led by Makucha and Mama Binturong. His incredibly fat belly puffed in and then deflated slowly, empty now of the lion’s meat. He won't hurt her anymore. Makucha Contents With his claws ready he jumped act the lion. Makucha and his friends meet Mama Binturong who comes up with a plan to get into the Tree of Life in order for the predators to eat the animals. They started working together in "Dragon Island." Makucha Summer: Stitch and Friends Summer Surprise She is a part of the lion Guard and her role in the guard is the Purest of heart. Makucha's army is a group of animals bent on invading the Tree of Life. Makucha is a very persistent character. Timon & Pumbaa: Alone Together • Stand by Me • Yummy, Yummy, Yummy • The Lion Sleeps Tonight Realizing what she must do, Dhahabu kicks Makucha, and he is knocked at the dam. Makucha is a leopard and the leader of his Army. Their goal was to get revenge on Lion Guard and go to theTree of Lifeto eat every rare, exotic, weak, injured, and sick animal inhabitants living there. Makucha overhears Makini talking about the Tree of Life. When Ullu warns the Lion Guard and the Night Pride about Makucha's army ambushing the Tree, the two groups fend off the villains. Suddenly, Makucha jumps out of the underbrush, and Fuli gives chase. The Lion Guard S3 E3 Makuchaby GiuseppeDiRosso on DeviantArt. When Ullu warns the Lion Guard and the Night Pride about Makucha's army ambushing the Tree, the two groups fend off the villains. Edit. Makucha's leap are antagonists of the series The Lion Guard.They are a group of leopards that dwells in the Back Lands. The Lion Guard To The Rescue! The Lion GuardThe Harmattan, The Guard encounters Makucha part 1 . You want me to go, you're gonna have to make me. ----Soft snores rolled out from Makucha’s furry muzzle, the rest of his head cradled in between two soft, overly large pads that would one day grow into a pair of fine, predatory paws. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to create a tornado which sucks Makucha and his army and carries them far away from the Tree of Life The Back Lands (formerly) This would be the first of many clashes between him and the Lion Guard. games. "Enjoy the afterlife, Lion guard." Whenever Makucha sees the Lion Guard, his leap of leopards obey their leader's order but eventually, they get defeated, retreating from battles against their enemies. Fuli jumps to the tortoise's defense, and Makucha backs off, though he warns Fuli that they are in his territory.