The average cod weighs around 5.45 Kg (12 lbs). In most cases, the official scientific name will be shown italicized, with the first work capitalized. More than 45 years after gray wolves were first listed under the Endangered Species Act, the Trump Administration and its many conservation partners are announcing the successful recovery of the gray wolf and its delisting from the ESA. Foreign companies own the rights to catch more than 130,000 tonnes of fish every year that are part of England's fishing quota, BBC research has revealed. Average Weight: Big rod-caught mackerel can weigh 1.6 Kg (3½ lbs) or more. This page allows you to Identify many of the fish caught on our shores. May vary compared to other period lists, this one has been developed by Historic England. They swim with the back fin uppermost. Also known as: Anglerfish, headfish, goosefish and sea-devil, Name: Thick-lipped mullet (Chelon labrosus) Thin-lipped mullet (Liza ramada) Golden grey mullet (Liza aurata). Carcharias taurus. Average Weight: Big rod-caught conger eels can weigh 27.20 Kg (60 lbs) or more, making them the largest eel species in the world by weight. The average pouting weighs around 0.6 Kg (1¼ lbs). Find out all you need to know about the different species of fish and shellfish available to you in the UK. - Bleak x Chub, Alburnus alburnus x Leuciscus leuciscus Rhyne reported on this based on data from importers in a research article titled: Revealing the Appetite of the Marine Aquarium Fish Trade: The Volume and Biodiversity of Fish Imported into the United States. Average Weight: The yellow gurnard is the largest, big rod-caught yellow gurnards can weigh 3.62 Kg (8 lbs) or more. The average sole weighs around 0.55 Kg (1¼ lbs). Here we discuss the freshwater coarse fish species that are sought after or likely to be encountered by anglers. Average Weight: An average european eel weighs 3.6 Kg (8 lbs). This is a dynamic, maintained version of the list. Average Weight: Big rod-caught turbot can weigh 9 Kg (20 lbs) or more. Average Weight: Big rod-caught whiting can weigh 1.4 Kg (3 lbs) or more. How much do non-UK fishing boats land from the UK EEZ? The majority of these fish species can be found in relatively shallow water; as a result they are regularly caught by sea anglers across the UK. Appearance: The brill is a left eyed flatfish…, Average Weight: Big rod-caught dabs can weigh 0.70 Kg (1½ lbs) or more. Echinorhinus brucus. List of the main archaeological and cultural periods of Britain. FISH & SEAFOOD UNITED KINGDOM. Average Weight: Big rod-caught brill can weigh 4.5 Kg (10 lbs) or more. Eel species are identified by their characteristically long bodies, a lone fin which is present across their entire body and their slimy, scaleless skin. UK minimum size: All UK shark species have a default minimum weight of 40lbs/18kg (shore) and 50lbs/23kg (boat). The market report advises on the availability of fish and seafood, as affected by weather conditions etc during that quarter. Picture gallery with links to illustrated guides to more than 50 freshwater game fish, coarse fish and sea fish … Click here to visit fish online for information on fisheries from outside Cornwall. Atlantic halibut. Abramis bjoerkna (Linnaeus, 1758) A list of UK BAP priority fish species, created between 1995 and 1999, and subsequently updated in response to the Species and Habitats Review Report, published in 2007, is provided in the table below. Flatfish are commonly labelled as either right eyed or left eyed, depending on the side of the head the eyes are located when the fish is viewed from straight on.