Yay!! Type 2b hair sticks close to the head and forms into "S" shaped waves. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m super low-maintenance but would love to help my waves stick around a little longer! Hooray definition -Rachel, Hi! Well, the salon put way too much product in it, so I washed it Tuesday night. I’m not sure why they work so well but I’ve had my tangle teezer since 2011 and it’s still my go to! Ah yes, back to this holy grail. The curly girl method can be properly researched in the Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey, which is basically the Curly Girl Bible.. Some things to consider, like you’ve mentioned the amount. This post should mention that ingredient (I’ll double check now!). I took a look at the Amazon.Uk site and this is probably my best recommendation for something comparable to my fave mousse: https://amzn.to/3nvjI5T Please keep in mind I haven’t tried this myself but the ingredients look very similar. It’s a satisfying way to try a new look without heat damage! Do you apply conditioner to your ends and work your way up detangling with your fingers and immediately rinse out then reapply conditioner again to do the squish to condish method? This shampoo (low-poo) lathers very well and is quite cleansing. Hi there! I have fine type 2c wavy hair that gets weighed down easily by products. My second question is: understanding that you only wash and condition your hair every 4-5 days, and assuming that you shower in between, what do you do with your hair? Just found your website and I love it! The Curly Girl Method is a set of guidelines for styling curly and wavy hair with a focus on avoiding sulfates, silicones, and heat and mechanical damage. Or try to wrangle your two toddlers and huge Australian shepherd (or is that just me?!). Wavy Hair Progress Using the Curly Girl Method (2B Routine in Comments) hair victory. Good luck! Just slightly confused with the conditioning step. Low-poos are very user friendly if you are just starting your natural hair journey. In this post, I'm sharing my favorite products for type 2 hair (that are all very afforable! I tried UFD really hoping it would enhance my 2a-2c hair but I experienced horrible flash drying and frizz. Curly girl method products for wavy hair (type 2) My hair definitely falls into the latter end of wavy, somewhere between 2c and 3a. I go up a couple of inches with each stroke until I’m at my roots. I can use GVP conditioning balm as a “normal” conditioner OR a deep conditioner. Not only in the amount of product, but the weight of the product. Used in combination with the right styling product – such as curl custard – this cleansing conditioner can bring you closer to getting the curls you’ve always wanted. Check out this set that includes a dryer and the black orchid. The Best Shea Moisture Products For Wavy Hair, How To Use Coconut Oil To Get Amazing Curls, Find Your Perfect Match: The Curly Hair Shampoo and Conditioner You Should Be Sudsing Up With, Oils To Use If You Follow The Curly Girl Method, Best Curl Enhancing Products For Wavy Hair. Thank you! I hated gel in my hair but I’m trying it again now with the scrunch thing, if I could be patient enough to keep my hands out too! Posted by 2 hours ago. Hope that helps! To make this clear to any new readers, no this isn’t sponsored. I lose SO much less hair than detangling in the shower. I used to have mostly wavy hair, and over time following the curly girl method, it has become curlier so that it's mostly curly now with some wavy parts. That I find encourages the clumps/waves. Hair. I’m trying to start this routine for the first time, and this was really helpful so thank you! Root Clipping? For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. If you want to try one, try the one with hold first! -Rachel. Yes to the CG Handbook, but I didn’t think she mentioned squish to condish? A simple breakdown: Type 1s are straight, Type 2s are wavy, Type 3s are curly, and Type 4s are coily. This method was first made popular in December 2001, when hairstylist Lorraine Massey released her hair-care guide, Curly Girl: The Handbook. This is about $8 a bottle and lasts me a few months. When my hair is long, it looks like cotton candy fluff. My curly hair transformation after 30 days on the curly girl method! You might leave your hair in the turbie twist longer, or scrunch it with a regular microfiber towel (or tshirt), or diffuse. The Curly Girl Method is essentially a lifestyle change. September 2019. That would be the amodimethicone (a-cone). IF there’s only ONE product you take away from this hair routine, let it be the Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic Curl Simulator. My mom has naturally curly hair so growing up I’ve always had weird waves in my hair but I always thought I had naturally straight hair, until now. While warm water is perfect for helping to loosen up any debris on the scalp, wavy curls benefit from being rinse with cool water. 97% Upvoted. -Rachel. I’ve been following the curly girl method about 18 months now and here is what my 2b/2c/3a Wavy Curly Hair Routine looks like! About every 4-5 days. -Rachel. Phew! This will allow your curls to dry and hold in place without causing disruption. Curly Girl Method (CGM) for wavy hair can be broken down into 2 main areas: – Things To Avoid – Things to Add In To Your Routine. I do this….whenever I think about it. I’m getting my hair cut for the first time in months in a few days. However, if you have been straightening your hair for years, you might not even know what your real hair type is. Hey! How does the UFC work on non-coarse, finer hair? http://www.cutehaircolor.website/cute-shoulder-length-haircuts/. I’ve got a couple of posts about gel here and here. I don’t suppose you recommend any Australian products? Hey! So I have the problem that I try to use the curly girl method and don’t brush my wavy hair until I wash it , but my hair is so fine and gets so tangled that it looks so bad !! If you have tangles often, I highly recommend DRY detangling by brushing your hair with a tangle teezer before getting it wet. I also got a haircut than and my hair has not been growing as fast as it used to before cg. You can purchase specific shampoos called “low poo” for this purpose. I don’t use gel on refresh days, only mousse. -Rachel, Your email address will not be published. 2B Hair type is best described as wavy hair. I’d highly recommend GVPCB (here’s a link!) Since Covid, I’ve gotten lazy with straightening, so I’ve just been throwing my hair in a ponytail every day because I don’t know what to do with it. The Curly Girl method recommends that you only use conditioner to cleanse your hair. Hi! My current hair care routine just a month into the Curly Girl Method has already transformed my hair and enhanced my curl pattern! Having type 2B hair is pretty great: You were basically born with perfectly styled hair. You aren’t the first person to ask this, oops! But also….I don’t worry too much about root volume. Thanks so much for this great post! -Rachel. Apr 7, 2020 - Here's my current 2B - 2C hair care routine, including wash day, refreshes, protein treatments, and products I use... More information Here's my current Curly Girl method routine for my wavy hair, including protein treatments, refreshing, washing, drugstore products, sleeping, and styling! View All-Wavy-Hair-227769691132050’s profile on Facebook. I wash my hair twice most times to be sure all product is out. I also like less products If you only want one, go with what has the better hold. and/or makeup. Unfortunately I’m in Australia where the curl definers and mousses you recommend aren’t readily available! Another option that is a bit more pricey but seems great is Ecoslay Orange Marmalade. . The same general rules should be used for wavy hair as curly hair but with just a little modification. Great to see a post by someone with coarse hair! My wavy/curly (2a/2b) hair tends to look a complete mess if I don’t brush it down flat before it dries. I then let this conditioner  sit on my hair while I do all the rest of my non-hair shower stuff. Many flaxseed gels for sale include aloe, which I wouldn’t recommend right now. Awesome, great to know. Afterward, plop your curls into an old, soft t-shirt or a microfiber towel. I don’t want to brush it down, but I don’t know how else to control it. However, before the CGM, when my hair was shorter, I could get nice waves just by finger combing it backwards as it dried and alternately pulling it gently away from my scalp to get body. Alternative: If you really, really want to stay away from A-cone, another gentle shampoo option is the Odele Smoothing Shampoo. 2 minute refresh method that you can read about here. A lot of times simply getting that hair wet and lightly applying product does the trick for defining the waves.. My hair isn’t super tangly in between though unless I put it in a tight bun. I do talk about sulfates more here because I do use them a handful of times a year (and I go into what those situations are in the post here). It’s a holy grail that I’ll repurchase over and over. The curly girl method heavily relies on gel to get hold and definition,but it’s usually WAY too much for wavy hair. Thank you for this routine. Required fields are marked *. How I Use: Basically, I use the Aveeno Rose Water & Chamomile Blend Shampoo as a “normal” shampoo. In the winter months, I’ll use this every other wash. did you cut off that damage? . Think this would still work? It won't bounce, even if layered, but does tend to frizz. And absolutely regarding black women! Curly Hair Tips More information Great example of 2B hair care routine with products, wash day, refreshes, diffusing and application tips, and resources on figuring out your hair's porosity and curl type. First thing first. I’ve been sulfate/silicone free since 2016 so I don’t typically mention final washes much. This is typically 4 golf ball sizes out mousse for my medium thickness, coarse, long hair. In the shower I use Not Your Mother’s Naturals tahitian gardenia flower mango butter curl defining shampoo. I use it every wash day (roughly every 3 days). I don’t detangle my hair in between with brushing or any particular product. Her book is The Curly Girl Handbook. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Rare opportunity! This is because you’re doing it wrong– let me explain how. This is why it’s better to use a mild or organic conditioner whilst on this program. Dry detangling before a shower was a GAME CHANGER for me. I’m so glad to hear that! Bummer about UFD, I’ve heard that a lot lately. I’ll try to look through the wording and make sure it’s clear enough. In the scheme of things, I’d rather not worry. This method was first made popular in December 2001, when hairstylist Lorraine Massey released her hair-care guide, Curly Girl: The Handbook. Why I Didn’t Support Love Beauty and Planet for Wavy Hair and WHAT CHANGED MY MIND. I think the UFD Curly Magic works great with fine hair, but you may want to use a bit less, and be aware of how much other product you’re using if that makes sense? Hope that all helps -Rachel. I am curious about the analysis. I don’t use a shower cap though that could be helpful!