Avicennia marina tends to dominate mangrove forests south of Fraser Island. The Plants Database includes the following 2 subspecies of Avicennia marina . The habit is a gnarled arrangement of multiple branches. The gray mangrove [Avicennia marina (Forsk.)Vierh.] Avicennia marina subsp. Moreton Bay mangroves and associated communities interactive map viewer - WetlandInfo, Common mangroves - Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mangroves and associated communities of Moreton Bay - WetlandInfo, Serious Dieback of Mangroves around Mackay - University of Queensland, Department of Environment and Science, Queensland (2019) Avicennia-dominated mangroves, WetlandInfo website, accessed 24 September 2020. Climate Change Impacts, EAD, 2009. australasica | Mānawa Date: 2010-05-20 State: Victoria Data resource: Victorian Biodiversity Atlas Basis of record: Human … The gray mangrove [ Avicennia marina (Forsk.) This species was collected by Banks and Solander at Cooktown in 1770. Inundation 'Intertidal – Lower low', 'Intertidal – Mid low', 'Intertidal – Upper low', 'Intertidal – Low undifferentiated', 'Intertidal – Lower medium', 'Intertidal – Upper-medium', 'Intertidal – Medium undifferentiated', 'Intertidal – High', 'Intertidal – Undifferentiated', 'Intertidal – High undifferentiated', although mangroves usually occur at mean sea level and above. Relevant attributes associated with change for Gulf of Carpentaria include Inundation (sea level changes associated with extreme weather events)[5][8]. Avicennia marina (Forssk.) No qualifiers mapped, however Period and Trend are relevant as Rhizophora forests typically extend from the seaward boundary and can be influenced by sea level rise. It presents remarkable levels of geographic variation both in phenotypic traits and habitat, often occupying extreme environments at the edges of its distribution. is the most widely distributed mangrove species, ranging throughout the Indo-West Pacific. Vierh. References []. … Established in 1964, the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source on the global conservation status of animal, fungi and plant species. Structural macrobiota 'Mangroves – Avicennia'. It has smooth light-grey bark made up of thin, stiff, brittle flakes. The three subspecies are shown: Avicennia marina subsp. resinfera is found on sites in New Zealand that have occasional freezing temperatures. Description: Small tree to 6m+ high; bark is smoth & grey in colour. Rating Content; Positive: On Mar 19, 2013, RosinaBloom from Waihi, New Zealand (Zone 1) wrote: Avicennia marina subsp. In many mangrove regions, the potential of Avicennia marina is considered limited and other mangrove species such as Rhizophora spp. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Mann, T.D. Hassler, M. 2018. 137. 533-536 The north-east coast of Australia was close to the centre of mangrove origin and dispersal. Select from the links below to view related ecosystem type categories. resinifera, fruits Perbadanan Taman Negara (Johor), Malaysia. Secura marina Forssk., Fl. food, shelter and breeding areas for a wide range of fauna including birds, prey for fish, which tend to use the edge of the mangroves when foraging, Particularly important fisheries habitat from Round Hill Head to Tin Can Inlet, in terms of productivity, includes the Kolan, Elliott, Burrum, Mary and Susan rivers, Baffle and Kauri creeks, Great Sandy Strait and Tin Can Inlet. Relevant attributes associated with change (e.g.